Dream of: 24 December 1989 "Social Classes"

I was standing on a stairs in a building, talking with two other lawyers (each about 30 years old). One appeared to be Dixon (a Weatherford, Texas lawyer). Other poor-looking people were walking around us. Some men had rather long hair, as if they couldn't afford to have it cut. As I looked at the people, I began to see the large difference between the different classes of people. This fact had never been so clear to me. I saw that when someone was a member of one social class, changing to another class was almost impossible.

I told one of the lawyers that I saw that since I was a lawyer, I was part of a social class which was higher than the majority of people. I told them I used to think that everyone was part of the same class. The lawyer agreed with what I said and seemed to have realized the same thing long before.

It also appeared to me that, in general, it was a person's parents who determined to what social class a person belonged. In general a person didn't have much to do with that. I thought about Carolina and wondered what class she would end up in.


I was outside with the lawyers, one of whom appeared to be Ramey. When another man in a suit walked up to us, I realized it was my former high school classmate, Galyean, although it was difficult to remember his name. We shook hands and spoke a little. I had the feeling he was going to invite me to his church, but he didn't.

While we were talking, Ramey decided to show us some exercises. Although he was wearing a suit, he lay down on his back on the ground. He raised himself up in an arch with his hands and feet on the ground. but he was only able to maintain the position for a few moments.

I decided to demonstrate another position. I put my hands palm down on the ground and then lowered my elbows onto the ground. Balanced on my hands and elbows, I then raised the rest of my body straight up into the air. I remained that way for about a minute, then lowered myself back down. The others said two women were watching me from an upper story of a building on the other side of the street. I looked and was able to see them. I told the others that the position I had been in was very difficult.

Ramey walked over to a car where his parents were to talk with them. The other lawyer went back into the building. I waited a long time for them to return. Finally I decided to leave.


I was waiting for two women with whom I thought I was going to go dancing. One had earlier explained to me how men danced, and how men could be aggressive in the dance when they touched a woman. But the men only did it if the woman allowed it.

I waited a while, until I thought the women weren't going to return. I thought about Cathy. I knew she didn't like to dance. If those women were like Cathy, they probably wouldn't return.

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