Dream of: 21 December 1989 "Vacuuming"

I was in my bedroom. It was apparently in my father's house, because he walked into the room, carrying a vacuum cleaner. He began vacuuming without saying anything. At the moment I didn't want to help him. I saw some of my things, including several black combs, lying on a bureau. I was afraid he would suck it all up in his vacuum.

Finally my father asked me if I would help him and I refused to do so. He immediately became angry and attacked me. We struggled and fell to the ground. The fight didn't last long before we both stood up and he told me I had to leave the houses. I told him I would leave that day.


I was walking on the West Side of Portsmouth, thinking I was going to leave. Perhaps I would go to the Cabin. The problem was that if I lived there, I would have to see my father sometimes, and I didn't want to see him. I also thought about the type of work I could do and many ideas passed through my mind: sell real estate; work in a library. But nothing appealed to me. Perhaps this time I would have to work for someone and not for myself. I thought I could probably make a salary of about $30,000.

At the moment it was necessary to find a place to spend the night. I walked into an old building made of red brick. After seeing several young people there, I concluded it was a hotel. I walked to the front desk and asked a middle-aged woman if she had a room. When she told me she did, I asked her how much it would cost. She replied it would be $10.75. She also said the room was in a barge. I thought it would be delightful to be able to sleep in a room on a barge. I was just about to tell her I would take the room, when I decided I would first like to see it. I asked her permission to see it and she told me I could.

She asked me what kind of room I wanted, and I told her I simply wanted a quiet one. She walked down some stairs and I followed her. At the bottom of the stairs she showed me a very small room which had a chair which looked like a barber's chair. She told me that was one of the rooms. I could hardly believe someone could sleep there. She told me it cost $20. I didn't understand why she had told me before it would cost ten seventy five, and now she was saying it would cost $20. When I asked her why, she didn't answer.

She told me she had other rooms and we kept walking. We arrived at another very large room which only had a bed in it. She told me that room cost $13. I thought I would probably take it. But first I would like to see some more rooms.

She took me into a room which looked like a cafeteria. Several young people were in the room and I had the chance to talk with some of them. One boy said his room was so small he couldn't completely stretch out when he laid down. Another fellow said he had two share his room with two other people.

Finally I began talking with a girl (about 17 years old). She asked me to hold her purse for a moment while she went to another place. But she told me I needed to be careful and not let anyone look into the purse. I looked inside the purse, saw a baggie with some leaves in it, and concluded it was marijuana.


I had left the building with the girl and a boy who was her friend. We were in a car which I was driving. She showed me that baggie and I immediately saw it wasn't marijuana in the baggie. Someone had tricked the girl and sold her something which wasn't marijuana. She then showed me another leaf which likewise wasn't marijuana. I asked her if she had smoked any of it. She said she had, but nothing had happened. I clearly saw that she was very young and that she didn't know what she was doing.

I suddenly thought I could take the girl to Walls, and he could sell her some real marijuana. But suddenly I realized I no longer smoked marijuana. Clearly I should not take her to Walls.

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