Dream of: 16 December 1989 (2) "Curious Cobra"

I was in a building which a man was going to repair for offices. It looked as if the building had only one large room. The man was going to put walls in the room so that when he was finished, there would be several different rooms. I decided I would like to have an office here and I would help with the work.

After we had started the work, the man brought several things into the building which he was going to put here. Among the things was a snake, a brown cobra about one and a third meters in length. I was a little surprised to see the cobra on the floor. It appeared frozen at first and didn't move, but then began moving more and more rapidly, finally going non-stop all over the room. It even climbed the wall, but was only able to go half way up before falling back to the ground.

I wasn't very afraid of the cobra, although I was uncertain whether it would bite. Sometimes it came close to me and raised up on its tail. Sometimes it even came up behind me and touched me. I didn't move, thinking it might bite. Every time it went away without biting me. It appeared to be strong and curious and continued going around investigating the room.

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