Dream of: 16 December 1989 "Disappearing Into The Air"

I was with Jon and Cathy on a farm which apparently belonged to me. I walked through an area where some animals were, and in a shed saw a sow suckling its baby. I also saw the head of a black and white cow in the shed. The rest of the animal was on the outside of the shed, and it appeared somebody had fixed the cow so it couldn't get its head out of the shed. That appeared cruel to me.

Cathy was nearby and I walked over to her. It seemed that Jon was seated a bit farther away from us, perhaps in a house on a small hill there. I had the feeling he was watching us.

The sunlight was very bright, but when I reached Cathy, the light suddenly went out. It was completely black and I couldn't see anything. I told Cathy not to move until I reached her. I was glad that there was no light, because I wanted to hug Cathy and I didn't want Jon to see. When I finally bumped into Cathy, we both fell to the ground, which probably had manure on it. Cathy became angry and said the ground was probably 100 degrees hot.

We both stood up and I sarcastically thanked her for having awakened me from my amorous intentions. I realized she didn't want to participate with me in such idiotic behavior and I walked away from her.

I quickly reached a tree and grabbed one of its branches, which seemed like a vine. The tree was next to a cliff, and with the branch in my hand I jumped over the cliff. I swung around over the edge and came back on the other side of the tree, where I touched an electric fence with my foot. It appeared that the electric fence had current in it, but I didn't feel anything. I remained for a moment beside the electric fence, until the wind lifted me in the air. I rose and rose until I touched three electric wires. I was afraid the wires might electrocute me, but they didn't do any damage.

I continued going up until I felt like a kite. I felt light, but knew I still weighed something, and that if the branch broke which I was sill holding, I would fall to the ground. I tried not to be afraid. I knew Jon and Cathy were watching me from below, and that they were probably afraid I would fall. I thought maybe I would fall and die. It didn't much matter to me. But instead of falling and dying, I thought it would have more impact if I would simply disappear into the air, and no one would ever know what happened to me.

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