Dream of: 15 December 1989 "Pretty Blue Water"

I was walking beside a creek in a forest, carrying my portable computer in its blue satchel. Suddenly I saw two boys beside the creek (one was perhaps 7 years old and the other perhaps 5 years old). They sprang into the muddy water and it was almost immediately clear that they were having problems in the water. It appeared that the water was cold and the current was fast. But at the same time, the current didn't carry the boys away, but they stayed in the same place. They both disappeared below the surface of the deep water and only the youngest reappeared again on the surface. Clearly they were in a desperate situation.

I wanted to help them, but I didn't know what to do with my computer. The bank was very steep, and I didn't know where to put the computer. I didn't want it to fall into the creek. I wasted precious moments searching for a place to put the computer until I finally found a safe place and put the computer down. I immediately jumped feet first into the water without taking off my clothes or black boots.

By now, the younger boy also had disappeared below the surface. But I thought I knew where he was and I searched for him with my hand under the water. I found his small hand and grabbed it. I was able to pull him to the surface and throw him onto the bank.

I immediately began searching for the other boy, but all my efforts were in vain. I couldn't find him. Finally I climbed out of the water.


My mother and I were standing alone beside the creek. I was a bit surprised to see that the water was now blue and clear, and that there appeared to be no current. I could see to the bottom of the creek, which appeared to have white sand on its bottom. The water reminded me of pool water, and I wondered if some chemical product had been put in it.

Suddenly I thought I saw the second boy in the same place where he had jumped into the water. But finally I saw that it was only a part of my clothing on the bottom of the creek. It was a pair of my red shorts which I used for running, and a tee shirt.

I walked a bit farther along the bank of the creek, which now appeared to be Symmes Creek (which runs through the Gallia County Farm), except the water was pretty and blue. I looked as if it would be safe to swim there, and in fact I was thinking of diving into the water. I might even do a flip and land feet first in the water.

But clearly my mother didn't want me to swim there. She said she couldn't see anything good about the water.

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