Dream of: 13 December 1989 (2) "Mental Suffering"

Another woman and I were partners representing someone in a courtroom where we were having a trial. During the trial, the woman presented the case and had a boy testify. The trial dealt with a car accident in which the car had been damaged and the boy and his parents had experienced mental suffering. But while my partner was presenting the case, she forgot to bring up the mental suffering of the parents, and I was unsure whether she had even presented the evidence for the damage to the car.

It was going to be my job to write the questions called special issues which would be presented to the jury. I told the woman that she had forgotten some of the evidence, but she seemed unconcerned, as if it didn't matter. So I began writing up the questions.

There were several people on the opposing side; Leah and Donna were among them. But they were difficult to recognize, because their faces looked different and they seemed to have gained weight. I didn't say anything to them.

Finally Donna stood up in front of the courtroom which seemed more like a classroom. She was wearing a cheerleading outfit and began cheerleading. I sat back and watched her, continuing to write my questions. For an abbreviation of the words "Do You Find From a Preponderance of the Evidence," I wrote the letters DTPE. I continued writing the questions until I thought I had them about all done.

Finally I decided to go over and talk to Donna and Leah. When I walked toward them, Donna acted as if she didn't see me. So I walked toward Leah and asked her if she recognized me. I said, "I'm Steve Collier. I look a little different. I've gained about 25 pounds."

I was afraid she wouldn't recognize me because I felt as if I had gained a lot of weight. But she knew who I was. I told them I would like to see them tonight. Perhaps after the trial was over I could take them out to eat. But they said they had other plans. I asked them if they were going to be here tomorrow night, but they told me they were going to be busy then also. It seemed as if it was going to be difficult to see them. And they didn't seem that interested in seeing me anyway. So I just stood here, uncertain what to do.

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