Dream of: 13 December 1989 "Bully"

While I was in a house, I saw a car with Cathy in it pull up outside. I ran over to the door, intending to give her a hug when she came in. When she walked in she gave me a quick hug, but she hurried because she said some other people were coming and she didn't want them to see her hugging me. Some other people then walked into the house.


I was sitting and watching television in the same house, but which now resembled the Logan Street House. Several children were sitting on a couch in the room. A well-built, black-haired fellow (about 20 years old) walked into the room. I had known him for quite a while and knew he was a bully. He acted as if he owned the place and walked to the television to change the channel. But I grabbed his hand and stopped him. He immediately pulled his hand away. He immediately became angry, jumped up, and acted as if he wanted to fight me. I simply told him to leave. But he calmed down and sat down.

I decided I wasn't going to let him bully me anymore. I had let him bully me in the past, but no more.

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