Dream of: 10 December 1989 (3) "Octopi And Porpoises"

I was with other college students in what appeared to be a college classroom where a film was being shown. The film showed some people talking about octopi and porpoises. It seemed as if there might be an animal which was a combination of the two. Some people in the film talked about one octopus which had been fed blueberry pie, and which might now be sick. When a picture of the octopus appeared on the film, I thought I could see its mouth. Then the film showed a man under water trying to catch another octopus. He grabbed one of its tentacles and slowed it down.

I decided to leave. I had my blue sleeping bag with me, which I decided to leave in the classroom until later. I folded it up and put it over to one side of the room.

I walked outside and began walking on the sidewalk in the middle of a large grassy oval which reminded me somewhat of the campus at The Ohio State University. As I walked, I realized I was carrying in my hand the last part of a joint which I had been smoking. I suddenly felt guilty about smoking the joint. My old high school friend, Steve Buckner, came to mind and I thought about how he had smoked both marijuana and cigarettes through most of his life. His father Mr. Buckner had even died of lung cancer. It was almost as if Buckner were trying to kill himself. Was I doing the same thing?

And what about all the people I had told about how I wanted to stop smoking marijuana? My old college professor, Rembert Glass, for instance. I felt quite terrible.

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