Dream of: 10 December 1989 (2) "Courthouse Cafeteria"

I had gone into what appeared to be a cafeteria which seemed to be in a courthouse. I walked over to a couple tables where perhaps 10 extremely rough-looking men were sitting. They were all dressed in black leather and all seem strong and muscular. They were probably in their 30s and might belong to some kind of gang. Most were smoking and most seemed to have missing teeth in front of their mouths.

My intention was to try to purchase some drugs, probably cocaine, from them. I sat down at one of the tables and immediately began talking with them. They at once began questioning me, trying to determine whether I was an undercover police officer. They made some threats if I was a police officer. I told them I wasn't afraid of them, because if I were a police officer, I would have the full force of the Dallas Police Department behind me. If I weren't a police officer then I didn't think they would bother me. One fellow held up his fist and said that I needed to lose a few teeth.

Different ones wanted to talk to me and I had to move from seat to seat. I felt uncomfortable doing this, because I was afraid other people in the cafeteria would see me associating with these men and figure out what I was doing. That would be bad for my reputation. One fellow in particular kept signaling me to talk with him, and I thought he might have some drugs which he was willing to sell me.

I thought we might be able to work out some kind of agreement where I would just give them around $100 simply to be with them and perhaps interview them. Then if one of them happened to give me some drugs just as a gift, they wouldn't have actually sold them to me.

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