Dream of: 03 December 1989 "Bear On Hind Legs"

A young fellow who was perhaps in his late teens and whom I had known for a while was walking with me on a farm, along a single strand of electric fence. We reached an area where tall green plants, which look somewhat like bamboo, were growing on the other side of the fence. I could see a path through the plants right next to the fence on the other side where the animals, probably cows, enclosed by the fence, had walked. The young fellow with me said we needed to go through the fence; but I hesitated because I was afraid I would get shocked. The boy intrepidly grabbed the wire, lifted it up, and slipped through both it and another older wire.

I now realized the electricity on the fence was off; I wondered why. It seemed as if it hadn't been long since the fence had been put up. Why was it not working? The young fellow pulled on the wire, which here looked like barbed wire, and showed me that it was rusted in two on one of the wooden posts. I wonder how he knew exactly where the wire was rusted. I remember that once when Jon and I had been putting up some electric fence at Jon's place, Jon had had a gauge which could be touched to the wire to see if it had electricity in it. I wondered if that had been done by the young fellow; but I didn't think he had such a device.

The boy finished repairing the fence; the question arose of touching it to see if it had electricity in it. The boy didn't seem to want to do that.


I seemed to be in a room, perhaps in the Fort Worth Rock House, with several other people. It vaguely seemed that Jon and perhaps his mother, Jo Alice, were also here. The question of testing the wire, which was here in the room with us, was still before us. I picked up a plastic blue pen which had a silver metal clasp on its side for keeping in a shirt pocket; I was going to touch the wire with the pen. The others seemed concerned that I would be shocked. I thought I would just run the metal part along the wire and see if any sparks were produced. The plastic part of the pen should protect me from being shocked.


Jon and I were in the office of the Rock House; I was looking into a box which Jon had given me. It was filled with large worms squirming around on some dark earth. The worms were moving rather quickly, trying to dig into the earth. Some smaller ones in particular were moving frenetically all over the earth. I was a bit amazed at what I was watching, and continued looking at it until all the worms had disappeared below the surface of the earth.

Jon then revealed that he had a new plan: he was going to raise worms. He planned to buy a whole truckload. He clarified that it wasn't a pickup truck, but something like a big dump truck. The truck would be full of worms, which he was going to put on his land and raise. I felt rather astonished.

The phone rang and I answered it. A woman began speaking Spanish; at first I had a difficult time understanding her. But gradually I began talking with her in Spanish, and was able to figure out what she wanted.


The woman was here in the office with me and we were speaking together in Spanish. She wanted to know if I could use her to come to my house one day each week and clean it up. She was about 40 years old, about five and a half feet tall, and a bit overweight. She had black hair and was wearing a simple, pattern dress.

I was interested in her offer, and thought I could indeed use someone to clean up the house and do my laundry one day every week. She would probably work 3-4 hours for about $25. We discussed what day she could  come and figured that either Thursday or Friday would be best. I thought Carolina came on Saturdays, so Carolina and the woman would probably not be able to talk together. I would like to see them talk, because this woman's Spanish seemed different from Carolina's. The woman apparently hadn't been in the country long; she said she didn't speak any English. That was just as well, since I preferred to speak Spanish anyway.

We agreed on her returning and she turned to leave. I accompanied her through the kitchen; what must she think of the disorder there? The old sink from the bathroom which I had repaired was still sitting in the middle of the floor of the kitchen. Boxes, jars and bottles were stacked up all over the kitchen. It was quite a mess. At least she should be able to clean this mess up.


I was in a small store, perhaps a drug store, which was next door to my house. I had never been in here before and basically was just browsing around. I noticed some dust and I thought the store wasn't dusted well. I wasn't going to have that problem in the future since I had hired someone to come in and clean up the house weekly.

I noticed a box which seemed filled with hundreds of different kinds of pills. There was also some kind of transparent little case in the box which seemed as if it might be used for storing contact lenses. I picked it up and looked at it. I also picked up one of the gelatin pills in the box and lightly squeezed it. It seemed as if the case and all the pills in the box had been made from the same material. I noticed a little sign which seemed to say that .008 percent of the sun was also composed of this material. I thought since the sun was so large, that small of a percentage might be as large as the entire earth.

I put everything back in the box and moved on, finally coming to a back wall of the small store. Here I was surprised to find various-sized fish hooks and fish lures stuck on something on the wall for display. I had the feeling they weren't for sale. I also had the feeling that a woman ran this store, and that the fish hooks probably belonged to her husband.

Next I noticed some small gray, plastic deer heads, smaller than my hand, mounted on the wall. I thought they were designed so that clothes could be hung on their antlers. I thought they were pretty; perhaps I would like to have one. But here again, I didn't think they were for sale. The largest one seemed to have one of its antlers broken off.

Next I saw several small statues less that 30 centimeters high arranged in a shelf along the wall. One showed a bear standing on its hind legs on what looked like some kind of building. The sculpture was brown; at first I thought it might be made of metal, but when I touched it, it seemed that it was probably made of plastic. Another sculpture seemed to be an abstract, little, brown boat which looked as if it was just made of several pieces of driftwood fastened together. Another sculpture appeared to be of some kind of circular building.

Finally I saw that all the sculptures were numbered and little cards seemed to be by each one with some writing on them. I finally thought these might be some kind of awards or trophies which someone had received, and indeed they weren't for sale.


I was sitting at a dining table, where a couple children and their father were seated. I had the feeling that this father was a rather strong disciplinarian. He told his children to behave in front of me because I was a lawyer. But I knew that the only reason he wanted them to behave, was because he was involved in some kind of legal difficulty, perhaps criminal difficulty, and he hoped that I was going to help him with his problem.

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