Dream of: 30 November 1989 "Ordering Drinks"

Although it was still morning, Jon and I had gone to a bar, where I was sitting at a table drinking a glass of beer while Jon played pool. Looking around, I noticed two women ( both about 30 years old) had sat down to my left. Although I had the feeling that they were together, they were seated at different tables. They were both acceptably attractive. The one at the table right next to me had brown hair which fell to her shoulder, while the other one several tables away had black hair.

We were all sitting facing the pool table where Jon was playing, and finally I began talking with the brown-haired woman about pool. She didn't to understand the game well, and I tried to explain a little about eight-ball to her. I told her the idea was to make all the other balls first, and then the eight ball. I said that if the balls were made without a miss, it was a run. Finally I suggested that Jon demonstrate what I was talking about by playing a game by himself. To make it interesting, I suggested that I and each of the women bet a dollar apiece against Jon that he couldn't run the first five balls, and then make the eight ball. I also added that once Jon was shooting at the eight ball, he didn't have to make it each time he shot at it, but he must at least hit it. The women didn't hesitate and each of them pulled out a dollar and laid it on their table. I gathered the money together in a pile in front of me. But now I realized we had each bet $100, instead of one dollar. I had $300 in front of me.

Jon broke the balls and began shooting. He made the first ball, and I saw another ball go near the pocket so that he would have an easy shot for it. Meanwhile I began thinking we hadn't really defined the rules as well as we probably should have. What if Jon scratched while he was shooting at the regular balls? Would he lose? What if he scratched while he was shooting at the eight ball? Would he lose? What if he knocked in the eight ball with another ball? I could imagine several problems that could arise, especially since we were now playing with so much money.

I thought the women were interested in Jon and me, and I looked at them more closely. I liked the color of the black-haired woman's hair, but the brown-haired woman sitting next to me seemed prettier. The black-haired woman might be a bit overweight. If Jon and I ended up picking them up, I wondered who would be with whom. It didn't much matter, but I thought I would probably rather be with the brown-haired woman. But I thought Jon would probably also rather be with her, since she was the taller of the two and Jon liked tall women.

I wondered what the women would think when we told them we were both lawyers. We certainly didn't look like lawyers, and they would probably be quite surprised. But I thought we both looked good. Jon looked tall and somewhat ruggedly handsome. And I felt as if I looked pretty good. We would probably be acceptable.

I had finished my drink and decided to go back to the bar for another one. I stood up and was about to walk away, when I reflected that it might not be a good idea to just leave the $300 lying on the table with no one there. So I picked it up and put it on the table in front of the brown-haired woman. She asked me if I was going to the bar, and when I told her I was, she asked me to bring her back a drink also. When I asked her what she would like, she held up a quart bottle of Budweiser beer which she had been drinking. Although there was a little bit left in the bottle, she had almost finished it in the short time she had been here. And now she wanted another one. I was somewhat amazed and I realized she must be quite a drinker. After all, it was still morning and she had just finished a quart of beer and was ready for a second one. Apparently she wasn't going to drink the rest of the beer in her bottle, and I thought I might just pour it into my glass when I returned.

As I turned to walk away, I noticed some smoke around the woman's ahead, and I realized she had lit up a cigarette. Cigarette smoke repulsed me and I realized I probably wouldn't be interested in her.

I walked off, reached the bar, which was quite noisy, and told the black-haired woman behind the bar I wanted a quart of Budweiser. I hesitated, thinking I might just share the Budweiser with the woman, but then I thought that I really didn't like Budweiser. So I also ordered one of the low-cal beers which came out of the last of about four beer taps behind the bar. The woman (probably in her mid 30s) returned with the drinks in a brown paper bag. I paid her and she handed me back a handful of coins and bills, which I stuck into my pocket without counting. I then walked away down five or six steps.

Reaching the bottom of the steps, I look into the brown paper bag and discovered that I didn't have at all what I had ordered. Instead I had a six pack of something, and a pint bottle of what looked like tomato juice. At first I thought the six pack was bottles of Budweiser beer, but when I took one bottle out of the sack, I see that it had a yellow-looking liquid inside, and I concluded that it was some kind of daiquiri. I thought about just going ahead and taking it. But then I realized the brown-haired woman would probably be dissatisfied, and besides, the woman behind the bar should have given me what I wanted.

Turning to go back up the steps, I felt disoriented, because the steps were covered with a display of candies and candy bars. I hesitated about trying to step over them, but finally did so, and in the process, I thought I knocked some of the candy bars off the display. I tipped my sack and two or three of the bottles of daiquiri fell into the floor, but fortunately they didn't break. I felt clumsy and I concluded that I must be a bit intoxicated.

When I finally made it back to the bar, I signaled to the woman, who came over to me. I tried to explain to her that she had given me the wrong drinks, and that I had ordered a quart of Budweiser and a low-cal beer from the beer tap. But it was so noisy here, she acted as if she couldn't hear me, and she seemed to indicate that I was just intoxicated and trying to cause problems. But I insisted that I hadn't been given what I had asked for. She seemed to become angry and hollered out for a woman named "Barbara." I figured they might try to throw me out, and I might have a problem here.

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