Dream of: 28 November 1989 "Saddle Museum"

I picked up a magazine, flipped through it and came across an article on saddles. As I began reading the article, a man stepped up and I began talking with him about the article. It seemed as if I were trying to gather up knowledge, and this article would just be another addition to my wealth of knowledge.

The article began talking about a town which seemed about 30 kilometers either east or west of the Tennessee Valley Authority in Tennessee. I couldn't exactly place in my mind where that was, although I thought I had a general idea. Apparently the town contained a museum dedicated to saddles.


I was in the saddle museum and a man was giving me a tour. He began with a primitive saddle which he called a "thing of beauty." It was hand-made from wood. It had an upside down V-shape in the part where it sat on the horse. It also had some padding on it. I thought the saddle would be hard on the horse, but the man said that there was some kind of "oil cloth" which went under it.

I felt the saddle and felt some soft, white wool which had been placed on part of the saddle. The wool also had some cloth under it which appeared to be coming loose from the saddle in places. It was quite an intricate-looking saddle.

Finally the man said he was going to show me another saddle which had been made by his sister. I thought it was curious that the man's sister had been involved in making saddles. Looking at the man more closely, I realize that he reminded me of Dr. Bob Lanier (a doctor who gave reports on a Dallas news show).

I realized there were many more saddles to see and I had been spending a lot of time on the ones I had been looking at. I needed to hasten along so I could see all of them and get the full thrust of this museum.

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