Dream of: 26 November 1989 "Pool In A Cave"

While some other fellows and I were on a place which looked like the Gallia County Farm, we decided to climb one of the hills, perhaps the large hill behind the Farmhouse. Snow was all over the ground, and when we began climbing, the hill seemed much taller and the snow much deeper than we had anticipated. We had a difficult time even getting started. We finally reached a particularly difficult ledge which we must climb over, but which was very difficult for us. Nevertheless we noticed quite a few other people in the area, and some people coming down off the hill even passed near us. They were wearing snowshoes, and I thought if we were just wearing snowshoes, we could probably make it all right. I thought they might even give us some snowshoes.


I was with a number of other people in either a train or bus, the interior of which seemed somewhat like a bar. Sammy Malone (the character played by Ted Danson in the television series "Cheers") was here cutting jokes with people, and I admired the way he was able to talk so quickly and make people laugh. I had been watching a woman who reminded me somewhat of the actress Shelly Long, and I had been thinking of trying to pick her up. When Sammy walked up and sat next to me on my left at the bar, I asked him what he thought of the idea. He seemed to think it would be all right.

I had known Sammy quite a while and I knew he had a lot more experience than I did. I had only recently started to become a man and I was probably only about 20 years old, whereas Sammy was probably in his late 30s.

Someone else said something about a "Boulevard" and when Sammy quickly retorted back something about a "Boulevard," it suddenly occurred to me why Sammy was able to answer so quickly: he just took a single word out of what had been said, and used the same word in what he said back. I told him I had finally noticed what he did. He answered, "That's true."

He used a particular word to describe what he did, but I called it "association." I sat and thought I need to learn to do that type of association in that kind of setting.


Someone had brought in some white powder on a piece of paper. It seemed everyone in the room, including Sammy, had gone to the person. Everyone had tiny rolled-up papers which they put into the powder. They then begin snorting. I concluded the powder must be cocaine. They all seemed to be enjoying it immensely. Deciding to do the same, I crowded in amongst them, stuck a little rolled-up paper into the powder and snorted some of the powder into my right nostril. I thought I had snorted quite a bit, but I was unsure it all had gone into my system. As I waited to feel the effects, I noticed the ride seemed to have become rather bumpy.


I was at the front of the vehicle, which was actually a large yellow school bus being driven by Mohl (a Portsmouth acquaintance I met around 1977). We were heading down a steep hill, and once we almost went off the road. As I stood by the door, I wanted to tell Mohl I had complete faith in his driving, but I wondered if I should. Although he slowed down, when we came to another bend in the steep road, he didn't make it and he ran off the road into some vegetation.

It suddenly occurred to me that we were very high up on this road, and that this could be tragic, because the bus was full of people. I turned to Mohl and said, "Should I jump out?"

Realizing I didn't have much time, I jumped out the door. I thought Mohl might have also jumped out, but I was unsure. The bus continued crashing down the hill.


When I recovered myself, I could hear the bus continuing down the hill. I was uncertain whether anyone had been killed. I stood up and began following the trail of devastation through the vegetation. As I walked, I noticed some houses in a little community on the side of the hill. I also noticed my dog Mike (which I had when I was around 10 years old) was running around near me.

I continued walking until I found myself in what appeared to be a large cave or tunnel, which was light inside. The ground was very rocky. Finally I came upon a gigantic machine which at first I thought was a bulldozer, but which I soon realized was probably 100 times longer than a bulldozer. It also seemed attached to the ground and had gigantic cast iron pipes running through it. Somehow I thought this thing had something to do with what had happened.

I kept walking until I found a pool of water. Some people were standing around the pool, and I asked a woman amongst them about the school bus. She told me it was under the pool of water. I looked again at the pool, and saw Mike standing in the middle of it with the water up to his chest. I thought he must be standing on the school bus and I said, "He's standing on it."

The woman replied, "No, it's five and a quarter feet down."

Some of the other people were nearby, and the woman told me that divers were already under the water. I thought to myself, "Well it's going to be hopeless if there's anybody in there."

I thought I needed to do something. I was wearing some shorts and shoes. Without further ado, I jumped into the brown muddy water. As I was jumping in, I pulled off into the water with me a piece of the concrete, about a meter long, which was around the pool. I thought, "Well, here I fouled up again by pulling this off."

I was afraid I might drop the slab into the water and it would fall onto one of the divers below, but it was very light, almost like Styrofoam. I hollered to someone to help me get it out of the water.

I tried to feel the bus below me with my feet, but I couldn't feel it, and I concluded that it must be much deeper below me than I had thought. I thought I really didn't want to dive down below the water. I really didn't know what was going on down there below.

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