Dream of: 25 November 1989 "Eternal God Of Humor"

After walking around for a while at a fair, Carolina and I finally sat down on a bench facing what resembled a small circular cattle arena, perhaps 10 meters in diameter, around which other people were also seated. It looked as if a show were going to take place, and presently, a man strolled into the arena and began addressing the crowd. Announcing that he needed a volunteer, he looked over at me and asked me to stand up. Although I thought it might be fun to participate, I resisted and said I didn't wish to volunteer. But the man insisted until I finally relented and rose to my feet.

After I had walked out to the man, he stationed me in the arena so I was looking away from where I had been sitting, from where Carolina was still seated, so I couldn't see her. He then walked back to Carolina and asked her to stand up. I could hear him talking to Carolina behind my back; it also sounded as if he might be applying makeup to her to disguise her. I knew Carolina was wearing a long red dress, but I thought the man might be trying to alter her appearance so I wouldn't recognize her. When he had finished with Carolina, the man led out a woman in a red dress and stationed her in front of me, with her back toward me, so I couldn't see the woman's face. She had long dark hair (which looked like a wig) which hung to her waist. Since I couldn't see her face, I thought it was possible that the woman might be Carolina.

The man next brought out a man and stationed him beside the woman, with his back also to me, so that now the man and woman were standing side by side with their backs turned toward me. Slowly I realized I was going to be asked to play the role of a preacher, and conduct a wedding ceremony for the man and woman. I thought the wedding was probably a big joke, and that while I was performing the sham ceremony I would suddenly realize that the woman was Carolina, giving everyone a big laugh.

In the meantime, other people around me had busied themselves re-doing the arena so that it looked like a spacious room, set with two long tables. Each table was tastefully arranged with dinner settings, as well as quite a few lovely red roses.

Some other couples perhaps 10 couples in all were led in and also lined up with their backs toward me. I realized a joint wedding was in the works and I was likewise supposed to marry these other couples, all at the same time. Although I wasn't entirely sure what was going on, I figured it was all in fun, and I would take part.

Finally I was allowed to step in front of all the couples and see their faces. Although I still didn't understand the purpose of our activity, I resolved to put on as good a show as possible. I even decided to step up on some stairs in front of everyone so I would be seen and heard better.

Once I was stationed in front of everybody, I didn't even think about trying to see if the woman in the red dress was Carolina. Instead I simply began trying to remember the words for a wedding ceremony. I recalled that the ceremony began with the words, "Dearly beloved, we were gathered together...."

But just as I was in place and ready to pronounce the words, a tape recorder perfunctorily intoned, "Dearly beloved, we were gathered together." Apparently the ceremony was already recorded, and I would have to do nothing more than stand here. But abruptly the recording stopped, and I had the feeling that I was now supposed to proceed on my own with the words. So I said, "Dearly beloved, we were here to bond ourselves in holy matrimony."

I was unsure whether "bond ourselves" was the correct phrase, but it sounded appropriate to me. Thinking I should also make reference to the two tables which had been set up, I said, "It was amazing what you can do in five minutes."

Uncertain what to say next, I simply said, "I suppose everybody has their rings ready."

Since it seemed that everything was being done in fun, I thought I would refer to God in the ceremony as the "Eternal God of Humor and Light," or perhaps just as the "Eternal God of Humor."

I stood in front of the first couple and prepared to proceed. They had name tags on; it looked as if their names were Marty and Christy.

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