Dream of: 24 November 1989 "Staying With Relatives"

I was staying temporarily with some of the sons of my uncle Liston, who were living together in a house, perhaps in Circleville, Ohio. I hade come there to work on some project for a while, and Liston's sons agreed to let me stay with them as long as I was working. But I had already been here a couple months, and I wondered if they were getting tired of my being around. I considered the possibility of actually staying with Liston and my aunt Jesse a while. I hadn't even visited them while I had been here. I ought to take them out to eat some evening. I remembered that we all had recently gone out to eat at a restaurant and I hadn't even offered to pay for the meal. Considering how much I was saving by staying here, I probably should have.

At the moment I was lying on a mattress on the floor of the room where I stayed. I had a couple machines in this room on which I had been working. Both were about a meter tall and had been partially disassembled. The interior of one appeared to consist of many intricate pieces of hard purple plastic.

While I was lying here, a small boy about a year old came into the room and knocked over the purple machine. I immediately became angry and screamed at the boy, who ran frightened from the room. I screamed at him that he was never to come into this room again.

I now got up and, looking around on the floor of the room, discovered little piles of marbles which the boy had left here. But looking closer I saw that they weren't marbles, but actually were gum balls, with soft centers. One had been smashed on the floor. I pick up one and tasted it.

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