Dream of: 19 November 1989 "Gathering Tools"

While walking around outside one morning, I found a large, red, pipe-wrench lying on the ground. When I picked it up, I saw that it looked as if it were broken. I was about to throw it back down, but looking at it more closely, I saw that it had connected to it a smaller, red pipe wrench which seemed in good shape. I took the smaller one off and thought I would add it to my collection of tools. The larger one looked as if it also might be able to be fixed if I could find a piece for it. It now occurred to me that it would be a good idea to increase the number of tools I had, because there were so many things I could do with tools. Basically I was thinking of being able to create art objects, especially by soldering metal together.

I looked around on the ground to see if there was anything else around here which I might be able to use. It looked as if there was some kind of gas or water meter here which someone was tampering with last night. That was why the broken wrench was here. But I saw nothing else that I thought I could use.

I continued thinking of gathering tools together, and carried the thought over to gathering pictures for collages, and even gathering pieces of wood to assemble together to look like things, perhaps animals. As I did so, I found myself walking along in an outdoors area with a piece of wood in my hand, which looked as if it might be able to be used to represent the beak of a bird of prey. The end of the stick was bent to look like a bird's beak. I would just have to find some other sticks to complete the bird.

Now I thought of how I could look for things in other lands, and imagined what it would be like to be in a country inhabited mostly by primitive blacks. What would it be like going on an overland journey in which the blacks would carry a man on a stretcher-type apparatus? If the man weighed 200 pounds, and there were four men carrying him, that would be like having each man carry 200 pounds. It would be difficult for them to run.

As I walked down a grassy hill, I wonder what it would be like to roll down the hill, and if while I was rolling I began pulling on the grass so that it came up and wrapped around me like a cover.

But suddenly I see an animal next to some trees not far from me. It was quite large and had brown fur. I thought some other people weren't far from me and I hollered out, "Bear!" But now I saw that it wasn't a bear, but a large buffalo. I moved closer, considering what I would do if it charged me. I would try to run behind a tree. I imagined it coming at me and my just barely being able to get behind a tree. I could clearly see it trying to get at me while I was behind the tree, but it was unable. It occurred to me that as long as I stayed behind this tree and kept moving in the opposite direction from which it was coming, it would never be able to catch me.

I wondered if I could do this with any animal. I thought it would be difficult with large cats. I had seen films where large cats chased their prey and knock their legs out from under them as they ran. It seemed as if a large cat would fairly easily be able to come behind a tree and get me.

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