Dream of: 18 November 1989 "Suicide Bankruptcy"

Carolina was seated on my left on a bench in a courtroom which was being used as a classroom. Perhaps 20 other people were also seated in the room; up in front of us a judge was talking. The class was about chapter 13 bankruptcy; I was quite interested because I was becoming more and more involved in handling such cases.

I was holding a small brochure which had been written by another lawyer and which described chapter 13 bankruptcies. I was thinking about writing such a brochure myself to send to prospective clients. Most of the brochure seemed quite well-written, but when I reached the last page, I had difficulty understanding some of what had been written; I even mentioned to Carolina that the brochure hadn't been written well. I labored over one sentence quite some time, finally realizing and pointing out to Carolina that the first part of the sentence didn't contain a needed verb. When I read the sentence yet one more time, however, I saw that perhaps that clause in the sentence didn't require a verb. Nevertheless, the sentence was still quite difficult to understand.

A woman (perhaps 30 years old) walked to the front, stood behind a podium and began talking. She was apparently going to give a talk about a special type of bankruptcy case which I had never heard of before, in which a person filed bankruptcy, but wasn't actually put in bankruptcy. Instead, the person was simply anticipating bankruptcy, and didn't actually become involved in the bankruptcy process until a latter date.

Before she began speaking, she had some papers which needed to be signed; she looked around the room, and ignoring other lawyers who were closet to her, she chose me to sign the papers. It seemed as if she and I knew each other from somewhere. When she brought the papers over to me, I wondered if it were appropriate for a lawyer to sign, of if she actually needed a judge. She handed them to me and I quietly asked her what they said. She responded, but I didn't understand her. Nevertheless I signed the paper, hoping the judge wouldn't later ask me if I had known what I had signed. Although I didn't realize it at the time, the place where I signed looked like the place where the clerk of a court was supposed to sign.

The lecture continued; the subject turned to an example of another bankruptcy which was also found in the brochure which I had been reading. Apparently it was a special type of bankruptcy for someone who was going to commit suicide. The judge even spoke up and said even he had never heard before of this type of bankruptcy. There was some discussion about whether such a bankruptcy was even appropriate, since it might facilitate suicide.

Another woman whom I seemed to know walked up and sat right next to me on my right. Although I didn't realize it at the time, she looked like Maynard (a former junior high and high school classmate). She was so close to me, I wondered if Carolina was going to be concerned. The woman moved closer and closer to me; finally she actually took off her top, revealing her large breasts clad in a white bra. She pressed even closer to me so that her breasts were almost right in my face. Since she was pressing so hard against my right arm, I put it behind her; she immediately grabbed my right hand with her hand and began holding it. All the while I was wondering what Carolina, who was still sitting right next to me, was thinking. Carolina, however, didn't seem concerned about the woman; Carolina didn't say anything.

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