Dream of: 16 November 1989 "Helpful Advice"

I was in a crowded bankruptcy courtroom, apparently in Fort Worth. I was representing several debtors against creditors who had filed motions with the court to lift the bankruptcy stay protection, so that the creditors could obtain their collateral from the debtors. I had never been before the judge who was on the stand, and I was somewhat nervous. When he started the proceedings, he said all the cases here should only last about ten minutes.

He began calling out names and different people responded. Finally he called out the cases I was working on and I responded. I wasn't sure I was doing it right, but apparently I was, because he went on to the next cases.

Finally the hearing was concluded and he called out to me that he would like to talk with me. I was unsure what was going on, but I walked up to his bench and stood beside him. He stood up next to me. He was shorter than I, slender and had short black hair. He quickly let me know that he thought I needed to be more forceful in my presentation of my cases. He then talked briefly about how when he had started out as an attorney, he likewise hadn't been forceful in his presentations, but had needed to learn to be. Since he was so short, it had been even more difficult for him.

He quickly concluded what he had to say and left. I felt better. Apparently he liked me enough to give me this advice. And I thought some of the other people who were still in the room were probably impressed to have seen me up here talking with the judge.

I was going to have another hearing in about an hour. This time I would be representing both creditors and debtors. I would try to be more forceful at this hearing.

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