Dream of: 15 November 1989 (2) "Graceful Spring"

I was outside a house where Jon and Cathy lived (which vaguely resembled the House in Patriot). There was a building here with various sections which was apparently used as a garage and storage shed. In one section was stored some coal which was in fist-sized lumps. It looked as if Jon had earlier been working on this section and in front of the door I found a nice, large handle for a screw driver which looked brand new. Next to it I found the metal shaft of an old screwdriver, and I concluded Jon had bought the new handle to attach to the old shaft.

When Jon walked up to me, I suggested to him that he use some of the coal to put on the dirt floor of another section of the building because that section had nothing on its floor. But Jon didn't seem to think that would be a very good idea and I decided he was probably right.

Finally I walked into the house, which resembled the interior of the Gallia County Farmhouse. Here I found Cathy, who walked up behind me and pressed her front against my back. I can feel her soft breasts pressed against my back, and I quite enjoyed the feeling. I pressed against her harder and finally reach both my hands behind me, put them on her butt and pull her closer to me. She seemed uncertain whether we should be doing this with Jon outside and she asked me what I was doing.

I then told her I had to urinate and I asked her if she wanted to watch. She said she did. Although we were in the house, we were standing beside a deep pit in the ground which was apparently where people urinated here. I pulled my pants down, exposing my penis, which at first looked trifling small, perhaps a centimeter long. I thought Cathy would be disappointed by how small it was. But then I pulled my pants farther down and spread my legs apart so my penis impressively dropped down five or six centimeters.

Next, as I began urinating, Cathy reached around and touched my penis. She began toying with it, and in the process puts her hand in the stream of urine so it got on her. But she didn't seem to mind, and finally she enclosed her entire hand around my penis even while I was still urinating so the urine was going all over her hand.

I was a bit concerned Jon could come in any time. I was uncertain what he would do if he saw what was going on.


Cathy was working in one room, perhaps the kitchen, and I was completely nude in another room. Suddenly I began running and passed directly in front of the door to the room she was in. As I did so I, gracefully sprang into the air like a dancer with one leg thrust out in front and the other thrust backwards so both legs were practically parallel to the ground. When I landed on the other side, I wondered if Cathy had seen me fly by.


I seemed to be lying down and Cathy was standing next to me. About the only thing I could see distinctly was her chest, which was nude. Her breasts were almost completely flat and I couldn't precisely see her nipples. Yet I found it quite erotic that she was standing before me with her upper body nude. I wondered where Jon was and I thought he might even be here in the room watching what was taking place. It was possible that he didn't care that Cathy was exposing herself to me.

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