Dream of: 15 November 1989 "Fellow Prisoner"

It was about 7 a.m. and I was in the hall beside the clerk's office of judge Schwille's court. But the clerk's office was now a jail, and I could see some prisoners milling about in there. Among them I noticed Tom Smith (about 20 years old). I had been down here a couple days ago, and had also seen Tom in there at that time. He was his usual tall lanky self. When I had seen him a few days ago, he had been wearing some scruffy-looking drab prison clothes. Today however he was dressed in some street clothes. A young boy (perhaps 10 years old) was with him, and they both walked into the hall where I was.

I wanted to speak to Tom, but I didn't say anything at first because he was speaking to the boy. But finally I interrupted him and began talking with him. I knew that he and I had once been in prison here together, and that I also used to come regularly to the court here to work. But now I told him I no longer worked in the court, and that I was in private practice. I told him I used a locker room across the hall from the jail as my office. I also told him I liked very much what I was doing now. I added that what I meant was that I like it much better than what I used to do when I had worked in the court.

By this time we had walked outside and were standing next to a car which Tom was apparently going to drive. He told me the car wasn't his, but that it belonged to his parents and they were letting him use it. Apparently they didn't want him to come home, but had given him the car to use. When I heard he had no place to go, I invited him to stay with me for a while. And since I wasn't driving at the moment, I could ride with him to my place. It should work out well for us both. He might even be able to work some with me. He agreed and we both prepared to board his car.

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