Dream of: 14 November 1989 "Killing Buffalo"

I was watching a television show or a movie which was so vivid, it almost seemed as if I were there. Before me I saw grazing along the side of a hill a herd of beautiful, white buffalo. Suddenly a shot rang out and one buffalo, spattered with blood, fell over. Several more shots sounded in quick succession, and more buffalo fell over. Now I could see some men dressed in what looked like brown leather, pioneer fashion, shooting the buffalo with long rifles.

The camera made me feel as if I were standing where the pioneers were. One buffalo was right in front of me. The pioneer aimed his gun at its wide forehead and shot. The buffalo toppled to the ground.

Suddenly I also noticed some Indians in the picture and the pioneer men began also shooting the Indians. One Indian turned to some brush which almost looks like a jungle and ran into it. He seemed at first to be carrying a rifle, but that didn't seem to me to be in character for him and I thought he might be carrying something else. As he ran through the jungle, I realized he and the other Indians had been trying to save the buffalo.

The pioneers began chasing the Indian through the jungle. The Indian was at a disadvantage because he must run headlong into the thick jungle growth, and the pioneers needed only follow. Yet the Indian continued on and on, until, exhausted, he stopped and listened. Yes he could hear the pioneers still behind him, but still quite a distance away.

The action now seemed to be taking place more in my mind as a story which I was inventing rather that as a vivid picture before me. I imagined the Indian coming to a creek, and submersing himself in the water, breathing through a straw. If he had feathers on his head, he would have to hide them. He might stay in the creek all night, breathing through the straw. But he would the pioneers. In the background I heard the voice of what sounds like a commentator saying, "He thereby chose the simplest means of escape."

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