Dream of: 11 November 1989 "Rats And Ducks"

I seemed to be lying in a bed in the Logan Street House. When I finally stood up, I pulled the covers apart, and was appalled to find dozens of pieces of rat feces. I immediately realized that rats were in the house and that some had been sleeping in bed with me the previous night. Disgusting. I quickly walked into the bathroom where I encountered my mother. I told her she must call the exterminator at once to get rid of the rats. She told me the exterminator was already coming today anyway, because the house was also infested with roaches, and he had already been called for that. I walked into the next room and my mother soon followed me; she told me she called the exterminator again anyway, just to make sure he would bring the proper equipment to get rid of the rats.

I needed to go to school pretty soon, so I probably wouldn't be there when the exterminator arrived.


I was in a large room listening to one of my teachers give a lecture. The teacher was a man about 40 years old. He was slender and had dark hair. He seemed more like a comedian than a teacher, and all the students liked him. He talked about how in his classes the students didn't have to do homework or go to class unless they wanted to. I thought about Carolina and knew she would like that. The teacher got a lot of laughs as he talked.


I was in an area back behind where the teacher was talking. It seemed more like a football stadium here; beyond the fence were a lot of teenagers who wanted in, but who didn't have tickets. Suddenly they broke through the chain link fence and flooded in. Several guards who looked like soldiers in green uniforms just stood by and didn't try to stop them. One guard climbed up on the side of the fence. It looked as if some of the crowd was going to attack one of the other guards, but they didn't. Many of the people coming in were black.


Many people began sitting down on the nearby grass and I also sat down for a while. While I was sitting here, a young black boy (probably only about 12 years old) walked up and began threatening me. Finally we began struggling and somehow I grabbed a fountain pen with which I stabbed the boy in the neck. I then injected ink into the boy's neck. I quickly got up and started walking away, constantly looking around apprehensively for any larger black people who might try to attack me.


Now I was relieved to find myself on the Gallia County Farm. While walking around I noticed some small foxes. When I finally made it to the Farmhouse, my step-grandfather Clarence showed up with a mother fox and two young foxes. My grandmother Mabel was also here and we were surprised that the foxes came home like this with Clarence. It certainly wasn't something they usually did. Mabel decided to give them something to eat; but when she set out the food, the foxes were now ducks. There was a mother duck and about ten baby ducks.

Mabel decided to give the ducks an egg to eat. She broke the egg on the floor, and the baby ducks immediately stuck their beaks in the egg and began sucking up the yellow yolk. The yolk streamed over toward the mother duck, but she didn't move. It looked as if she were asleep. Her beak was down on the floor and the yolk covered it. I wondered if the yolk might drown her.

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