Dream of: 09 November 1989 (2) "Rabbit's Milk"

I seemed to be in Houston and was walking through some crowded streets with my father. It seemed as if my mother and some younger siblings were going to meet us there somewhere. It was quite obvious to me that my father was angry with me about something and that he would like to lose me. But I stayed as close to him as I could. Finally, while I was inattentive for a moment, he bought a ticket to what appeared to be some kind of sex show, and slipped inside. I stood on the corner of the street where I could see both the front and side exits and finally he emerged. We continued on.

We reached what looked like a crowded mall and in the bustle we became separated. Obviously he had succeeded in losing me. I felt somewhat upset, because I was a long ways from Dallas and I didn't have any way back. I wasn't even sure I had enough money to fly back. Then I stopped and thought perhaps I would take a bus.

I walked into what looked like a quaint little restaurant and sat down at a bar. I thought I needed a map of Houston in order to determine exactly where I was and where I needed to go. The man behind the counter handed me something which looked like a cigarette lighter, but when I flipped it, some paper money came out. It seemed as if it were German marks and that it was a twenty mark note. I did it again and a similar bill came out. But I had the feeling that was all the money that was in the device. Nevertheless the device was very pretty and would appear to be valuable. The man looked at me and told me I could keep it. I could hardly believe that this kindness was coming from a stranger. I felt very grateful.

I looked at a menu on the wall behind him and saw the word "lapin." I told him I would like that. He then brought me a glass of milk. Only when I began drinking it did I realize that "lapin" was the French word for "rabbit" and that what I was drinking was rabbit's milk. He told me it cost twenty and I gave him one of the notes. It sure was expensive. But I thought I would still have enough money to take a bus to Dallas. And I would have had the experience of drinking rabbit's milk in the process. Things might work out all right yet.

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