Dream of: 08 November 1989 (2) "Postage-Stamp Superman"

super powers can come in small sizes

I was walking toward my old home town of Portsmouth, Ohio on a road which seemed to be in an area across the Scioto River from Portsmouth called West Portsmouth. I thought I would need a couple hours to reach Portsmouth, about 40 miles away. I also thought I might hitchhike part of the way. As I passed a truck parked along the side of the road, I noticed that someone was sleeping inside the truck's cab on the seat, then noticed yet a second person moving in the cab. I thought about asking for a ride, but instead, I just moved along carrying a pillow on my shoulders.

Looking at the sky, I noticed a full moon next to the sun which was partially behind some clouds and appeared to be about to set. Seeing the moon next to the sun seemed strange. I wondered where a person would have to be in space before he would be able to see an eclipse of the sun from where the moon now was.

Finally, right along the side of the road, I found a brown wooden desk which belonged to me, and I sat down at it. Some of my things were scattered along the top of the desk, including some postage stamps and some pictures which had been cut out of postage stamps, apparently to be used in collages. The pictures still had a sticky substance on the back. One picture showed Superman in a flying position. I wondered if the pictures could still be used as stamps, even though the twenty-five cents part had been cut off.

On my desk was also an ornament which looked like a miniature golden table. It had a place where a drawer was supposed to be, into which I could probably put things like paper clips. I usually didn't keep things like the little table on my desk, but I decided I would allow the table to remain.

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