Dream of: 04 November 1989 "Lemoctoris"

Jon and I were riding on what appeared to be a train in northern Kentucky close to the Ohio River, apparently in Greenup County. I was thinking about opening a law office there, and I described to Jon what a nice place it was. I told him Kentucky was one of the most beautiful states in the United States. Plus I thought Jon would like Kentucky because the people were almost all country folk and they talked like country folk. I thought Jon would fit right in. It occurred to me that my step-grandfather Clarence had originated from this area. Since Jon and Clarence seemed somewhat alike to me, that seemed like another reason why Jon would like it there.

We reached a small town, and outside my window I noticed what looked like a large burned-out cathedral. One tower and some walls were still standing, and remarkably the wall and tower still retained much stained glass. In fact, the wall and tower seemed to be made almost entirely of stained glass; I concluded the church must have at one time been constructed almost entirely of stained glass. I figured a lot of stained glass must be in the ruble of the church, and I thought the glass could probably be collected and new designs made out of it.

Suddenly Jon and I realized the train was about to run into the wall of a building. I hid in a space under what appeared to be large bundles of merchandise being hauled on the train, and Jon climbed up on top. Once I was underneath, I realized I wasn't in a very good place, because I could be smashed under there.

The next thing I knew, I was in a car headed for Greenup, Kentucky, where I was thinking about opening a law office. But since I was only practicing bankruptcy law now, I wondered just how practical it was to open a law office there, whether there would be enough clients to sustain it. I considered opening the office in South Shore, Kentucky, just across the river from Portsmouth. I doubted any other law offices would be there, especially since South Shore wasn't the county seat. But again, I wasn't practicing general law, and I doubted many bankruptcy clients would be there. What would learning new state law be like? It would probably take a lot of work.

I thought about some of my high school classmates who were now lawyers – Austin and Geary (former high school classmates who became a lawyers). It would be interesting seeing them again if I worked in this area.

I arrived at a crossroads and saw I had to turn left to get to Greenup. It was three miles away. But after I turned, I momentarily lost control of the car, swerved to the left into the yard of a house, almost hit a pole on the porch and swerved back toward the road. The ground in the yard was soft and I almost got stuck. I kept going, but looking back at the house, I thought I saw someone coming out to see what was happening to their yard. I turned off my car lights, hoping he wouldn't be able to see my license number. It seemed as if I were in my 1978 Suburu. Finally I made it back on the road and kept going.


I was sitting outside at a table in Greenup, Kentucky. I had been apprehended for having driven through the yard, and I was now about to be tried. Sitting across the table from me was a man who apparently was the judge. Quite a few other people were also sitting and standing around the table, and gradually I realized the judge was going to tend to other cases before he reached mine. How much was all this going to cost me?

An attractive black-haired woman (about 30 years old) on my left raised her arms up in the air, and her shirt raised up above her well-formed breasts. Although she was wearing a white garment which covered her breasts under her shirt, I could still see part of them. I began paying more attention to her.

Someone began saying some names, and it occurred to me that the people there were making up names to describe certain types of people. One name, which I either heard, or which just came to my mind, was "Lemoctoris." The name seemed to me to be for someone who mocked others.

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