Dream of: 03 November 1989 "Apartment In Paris"

While I was visiting my mother at a house where she was living, Birdie and Brandi (about 14 years old) came for a visit. Apparently Birdie's husband Rick was also going to come soon. From a distance I looked at Brandi for a moment. She looked as if she were starting to gain some weight and she didn't look very happy.

Birdie and I walked upstairs where we began talking. I was glad to see Birdie. She was slender and still quite attractive with her black hair and bushy black eyebrows, but I had the impression that she wasn't all that happy and that she had never been able to determine what she really wanted to do in life. We walked into a bedroom and sat down on a bed. I told her I thought that in order to be happy, a person really needed to have his own house and not just live in an apartment. When a person had his own home, if he didn't like where he was, he could sell the house and move. I also told her that I had an apartment in Paris, France where I could live if I wanted and that I could live there for nothing if I wanted. I told her that I loved Paris and that I was thinking about going back soon.

When I asked her about Brandi, she told me that Rick was beginning to lose patience with Brandi. Rick used to be very gentle with Brandi, but now he wasn't as nice to her as he used to be. I thought about how Brandi had looked when I had seen her downstairs. I realized I hadn't even looked at her closely to see if she looked like me. I would like to take another look at her.

Finally I rose to go downstairs. When I reached the top of the stairs, I looked out a window and saw Rick down below. Birdie also saw him and she pushed me down so Rick wouldn't see me. She didn't want Rick to know that she and I were upstairs together he might get the wrong idea.

I walked on downstairs and into the kitchen, where my mother was cooking. She had already set out a plate on the table, and she indicated that it was for me. It had a large turkey drumstick in it and also some pieces of chicken. I sat down and looked it over. I wondered whether Rick and I would shake hands when he came in. We had never actually met face to face. I also wondered if perhaps Rick had been downstairs all this time and if he already knew that Birdie and I were upstairs talking. Perhaps I shouldn't try to hide the fact.

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