Dream of: 01 November 1989 "Cutting The Fence"

Louise and I were standing beside a large, plowed field surrounded by a wire fence. Louise worked for the man who owned the field, but she had decided to quit; apparently she intended to begin working for herself, even though a black man wanted her to come and work for him. Louise had asked me to cut a small part of the fence – about 10 meters worth – for her to take with her. With a knife I began cutting the fence, which seemed more like cloth than anything. I didn't cut the top or bottom, so the fence would stay together. I just cut a big piece out of the middle.

Before I could finish, the owner walked up and wanted to know what I was doing. I explained to him that Louise was leaving and that she wanted to take part of the fence with her. He was surprised to hear that Louise was leaving, but he didn't seem particularly alarmed by my cutting the fence. He walked away to talk with Louise; I once again contemplated cutting the fence. Some vines were growing over part of the fence; I decided it would be better to cut out pieces where the vines were. Then the cut would be less noticeable.

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