Dream of: 30 October 1989 "Waiting In Line"

I was watching a television program about how to prepare some kind of food. A male host explained how to combine several different foods, including some slices of chicken and a special type of pale tomato which partly looked like bread. He said that if the viewers would call, he would tell them where they could buy this kind of tomato. I figured the tomato must be new on the market, and that the man couldn't say over the air the name of the store, but could only give it out over the phone.


I was in a line at a grocery store waiting to check out. I had already bought some of the items which I had seen on the television show, but I hadn't been not able to find everything. One fellow who had stepped out of line now came back and was let into the line by a woman in front of me. A second fellow (whom I used to know) was also with the first fellow. I immediately decided I wasn't going to stand for that, and I pushed my shopping cart past them and into the line in front of them. I wasn't wearing a shirt and my upper body was somewhat muscular, even though I was a bit overweight. I puffed out my chest a bit as I pushed past them.

Now I realized that I had also once known the first fellow, probably in high school. He half-heartedly protested, but I just sat down on the floor beside my cart, waiting to see what he would do next. He told me he had heard that I was practicing bankruptcy law now and that I was representing debtors. He said something about letting me represent him if I let him go in line in front of me. It certainly didn't sound to me as if he would be doing me any great favor by letting me represent him.

Meanwhile, my girlfriend walked up. Although I didn't realize it at the time, she looked like Carolyn. She was very tall, and when I stood up next to her, she was still probably several centimeters taller than I. She was also obviously about 10 years younger than I. The others seem a bit amazed to see me with her, as I put my arm around her and pulled her next to me.

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