Dream of: 24 October 1989 "Stage Coach"

Buckner and I were standing around near Brown and Charles Street in Portsmouth. Buckner was talking about how he was going to get a lot of money from an auto accident he had been in. He said that even while he had been in the accident, a chiropractor had come over to him and had given Buckner his card. Buckner told tells me he was probably going to get about $1,000 from the accident. I thought about how that didn't seem like much money to me anymore, but apparently that seemed like a lot of money to Buckner.

Buckner and I walked around and I noticed some snow on the ground. I saw some snow piled up like a wall, and I jumped right through it, making a hole in it.

Buckner and I continued walking until we reached Walls' house on Jackson Street. I thought Buckner wanted to buy some marijuana from Walls. While my back was turned, Walls drove up. Buckner climbed in the car with Walls and they rode off together. I was astonished that they had left without me, and I thought they must be just going to go around the block and come back. But after sitting there for a while, it occurred to me that they had gone to smoke a joint. That upset me because I thought I would have liked to have smoked a joint with them.

I sat there a while longer until I noticed another of Walls' cars parked across the street. I had a key to the car and I walked over to it. But when I put the key in the door, it didn't work and I realized another car sitting nearby was actually Walls'. Besides, I wouldn't have been able to have gotten this car out anyway because a truck was parked diagonally next to it and was blocking it.

I walked over to the other car which was rather old and beat up. It didn't even have a door handle and I had to reach through the window to open it up from inside. I get into the car and drove, headed up Offnere Street.

I thought Fugitt (a former high school schoolmate) lived on Thomas Street, and I decided to go up there. But then I realized that it was actually Walls who lived in the house. I decided to go on up, thinking Walls and Buckner might be there.

When I reached Gallia and Offnere, some kind of festival seemed to be going on. An old truck which looked like a motor-driven stage coach with people in it came around the corner. It almost toppled over on me.

Now more than in a car, I just seemed to be observing the scene, perhaps on foot. It was apparently winter, but the weather was quite nice, which probably accounted for so many people out on the street. I thought I ought to enjoy the weather here as much as I could while in Portsmouth. There was a bar on the corner. Quite a few people were standing around, most in raggedy-looking clothes. One well-dressed man (about 50 years old) asked a woman to go in the bar with him. But I didn't pay much attention to them and I walked on into an alley, where there were no people.

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