Dream of: 22 October 1989 (2) "Melted Bullets"

I was in a building which seemed to contain some menace. I was looking for something in the building although I wasn't exactly sure what. I arrived at three different sets of stairs going down. I knew I needed to take one to arrive at a type of restaurant below, but if I chose wrong I could suffer some seriously adverse consequences. I didn't know which one to take. So I retreated back down a hall to think it over. At the end of the hall were two doors. One door had a peep hole which I looked through. On the other side, the only thing I could see was some white lawn furniture sitting in a yard. The other door then pulled shut and only now did I realize it had been open and that someone had been behind it.

I walked back to the stairs, where I now encountered a number of people. I now realized I was in El Salvador and most of the people were young Salvadoran soldiers. I began talking to one soldier and the topic came up of whether the United States president could be assassinated. I said, "It could be done.

I even remembered that Ronald Reagan had been shot while he had been in office, and I thought George H.W. Bush (now that he was in office) could also be assassinated. But it seemed that the Salvadoran didn't agree with me and I sensed that this was a delicate subject, one better left alone. We talked some more and I told the Salvadoran that I had always been able to get along with Salvadoran soldiers.

Unexpectedly he handed me a black gun. I looked it over trying to figure it out, because it was rather complicated. I was looking for the ammunition magazine and I finally found it and pulled it out. The bullets were very large and I thought they were .45 caliber. The soldier pulled one out for me to look at more closely. Then he pulled out another one which was extremely large, more like a small mortar shell. But instead of looking like a shell, it actually looked like a magnifying glass.

The soldier then decided to clean some of the bullets out of the magazine, and apparently he was going to melt them down in a small forge which was over a barrel here. All the while I was noticing that some people were going down the middle set of stairs to the basement and I thought that was the right way to take to the restaurant.

The Salvadoran then took the bullets to the barrel and began melting them. He held them in a tong in his hand and I watched as the liquid suddenly streamed down the tong and onto his hand. I screamed out, "Ouch" thinking the liquid metal must be burning him. But the Salvadoran didn't do anything and I realized it wasn't molten metal running onto his hand. The Salvadoran then got into the liquid in the barrel and completely immersed himself.

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