Dream of: 22 October 1989 "Deformed Embryos"

An acquaintance and I had reached an escalator that was about five times as high as the normal escalator. We got on it and tried to go up, but it was moving down and we had to run to try to get anywhere. Obviously, however, we weren't going to be able to make it all the way to the top, so we finally stopped and let it take us back down. Just as we reached the bottom, the other person noticed a small white button on the wall beside the elevator, and pushed it. The escalator immediately changed direction and began moving upward.

As we went, I noticed the place was extremely filthy. I didn't even want to touch anything along the side of the elevator because it was so dirty. I wasn't exactly sure where we were, but it seemed as if the other person had brought me there to show me how people lived in that area.

At the top we got off and the other person further explained that we were in some kind of home for people who were either old or disabled. The person wanted to show me the appalling conditions in which these people had to live. We were in the hall of what looked like perhaps a decrepit hotel and the other person knocked on the door of a room. No one answered immediately, so the person pulled back a white sheet hanging over a wall, which turned out not to be a wall, but a room behind the sheet. Sitting in the room was an old woman. I quickly realized that the old woman lived alone there in the room and that she had no privacy because anyone could pull back the sheet at any time.

Someone finally opened the door of the first room the other person had knocked on. The other person mainly wanted to show me how small the room was -- no more than a closet. But I saw much more than that inside. There was a sink and in it was an old woman and apparently another person, because I saw two sets of legs. The old woman was naked and deformed so her legs seemed all twisted. The person who opened the door was apparently giving the old woman and the other person in the sink a bath. I felt embarrassed at seeing the old woman like that and I turned away.

I was next shown a young boy with short black hair, who seemed basically normal mentally, but whose body was likewise deformed. His legs seemed twisted so he couldn't walk, but he did seem to be able to crawl. I was led into a crowded hall with cribs close together containing many deformed people. I examined one person more closely and saw it was a woman (probably in her 50s). Her head was deformed and looked almost like a worm's head. Then I saw someone lift up a small baby which looked strangely like the woman and I realized the woman had had a child in there. I thought about the possibility of my taking a child out of there to visit sometimes. That would be especially good if the child could speak Spanish.

The whole place was terribly overcrowded and filthy.

Finally I picked up what turned out to be a container of many living embryos. I could feel the small hearts of the embryos beating in the container and I knew they were alive. I realized all the embryos were deformed and would be born deformed. Already I could see some deformities of the embryos. One had arms several times longer than its body.

I saw the black-haired boy again. He was naked and it looked as if he touched his penis in a challenging way. I felt saddened and disgusted by the entire experience.

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