Dream of: 21 October 1989 "Flimsy Ring"

I was at a meeting where Ronald Reagan was discussing some sunglasses which one of his daughters had lost and which he was trying to recover. Apparently the sunglasses were quite expensive, costing around $1,000. Reagan (who himself was wearing a pair of sunglasses) seemed fit and healthy, and gave quite an energetic talk. He even used some kind of fancy projection device on which he could draw the sunglasses and have them projected on a screen.


I was walking along Second Street in the west end of Portsmouth near the Brewery Arcade. I ran into Reagan and talked with him for a moment. He noticed that I was carrying a ring and he asked me about it. I told him that it was just an imitation and that I had lost the real one. The one I was carrying had a broken band and some kind of flimsy-looking stone in it. I felt rather embarrassed by his seeing it. He opened the door to the Brewery Arcade to go in, and I shook his hand, saying something like, "Good-bye, Ronald Reagan."

I then turned to leave the West End. I wanted to catch a taxi, but none were here, so I began walking. Soon I was walking along a concrete pier by the river, and somehow managed to slip and almost fell into the river. I saw the muddy waters swirling below me and I grabbed on to the top of the concrete. I hollered at some people nearby to help me. But they simply ignored me. Finally I noticed a hole in the side of the wall and I was able to squeeze through back onto the grassy land.

When I stood up I noticed that some little bugs were all over me, and I quickly realized they were ticks that I had picked up on top the pier. I quickly began brushing them off.

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