Dream of: 20 October 1989 "Planned Betrayal"

I was sitting in a large room, which was similar to the General Assembly of the United Nations. To my left was a man who reminded me of Eric Honecker, and who was planning to run for the presidency of a certain country. I had known the man for quite a while, and although I secretly detested him, he liked me and he seemed to enjoy being with me. If he were elected president, I thought he would appoint me to a high office in his administration. I thought that at the appropriate time I would use my power to betray him, possibly even causing him to be killed.

In the front of the room was what appeared to be a high judge's bench with a judge seated behind it. I noticed that the judge was looking at me knowingly, as if he knew what I was planning. But I could also see that he wasn't going to say anything and that my plan would be able to run its course.

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