Dream of: 15 October 1989 "Singing Outside The Church"

free yourself of pain

Carrying a large red notebook, I arrived at a building where I was planning to take a class in pre-calculus. The notebook belonged to Chris Kees (whom I met in 1967 when we were in the tenth grade together), a diminutive, reticent boy whom I hadn't seen since we had attended high school. The notebook contained material which would be used in the class. Since I thought Chris would also be in the class, I planned to return the notebook to him there.

Once I reached the classroom, I stood outside the door until a corpulent woman (probably in her late 30s) walked out and bade me enter. She said one seat was still available in the front row. I quickly concluded that the woman must be the teacher, and that she was directing the students to sit in an orderly fashion, row by row. The idea of sitting in assigned seats, however, didn't please me; the last time I had taken a class like this, I had been able to sit wherever I wanted. I disliked being told where to sit so much, I almost decided not to even go in.

The woman's husband was waiting for her in the classroom. Apparently both were teaching the class together. It occurred to me that the husband might be related to Chris, and before I walked in, I even asked the woman if her husband were related to Chris, but she acted as if she had never heard of Chris.

Something else suddenly occurred to me: I had recently had a dream in which Chris had appeared. And now here I was, carrying his notebook around with me. It seemed like a strange coincidence; I wondered why I would have dreamed about Chris in the first place, since I barely knew him.

I finally entered the classroom, where people were sitting scattered all around the room. Ignoring the woman's directives to sit in the front row, I looked for a seat more to my liking. Finally a man whom I recognized offered me a chair next to him. I gratefully took the seat, and the man and I began talking.

As we chatted, I reflected on how people made friends. When a child first begins attending school, he or she simply automatically makes friends with certain other children. Those early friends were probably more similar to the child than any other friends made throughout life, because they were made spontaneously and without forethought. In my case, I thought about my old friend from junior high school, Doug Clifford, and how much he and I had been alike.

Two opposing groups of students (all in their early 20s) had gathered in the high-vaulted room. In one group was an obese fellow whom the students in the other group were taunting because he had tried to lose weight, but had failed. I couldn't understand why he had been unsuccessful at losing weight – it seemed he had so much excess fat, paring some off shouldn't have been difficult.

As I walked through the immense room where I had come for my lesson (perhaps in pre-calculus), I slowly realized that I was actually in a huge church or cathedral or ancient temple. I was pleased to see that all the chairs had been removed from the room, so only the concrete floors and heavy walls remained. When I saw children scurrying about in different parts of the room, I realized no teacher was present, but it occurred to me that my paternal grandfather Liston (1897-1966) might be somewhere in the building. Thinking I would like for him to teach me, I called out, "Grandpa. Grandpa. Grandpa." Although I badly wanted to see him, he didn't answer.

I walked outside the church and began strolling around the perimeter. It didn't matter to me that no teachers were present; I had a good feeling about being here. But I wanted to be doing something besides just walking around. Suddenly, almost spontaneously I began singing a song which welled up inside me. I sang, "Oh my heart was aching and my soul was sore, for it has been so long since I last prayed to the Lord."

A second verse followed in which I used the word "God." The words seemed to gush from me without my having to think about them. The fullness and richness of my voice pleased me. As I sang, I had the feeling that my mother might be somewhere in the church and that she would like this song.

Dream Commentary of March 28, 2015

Mysterious coincidences between the published dreams of different internet dream-journalists may offer clues about the pleasurably edifying benefits of dream-communication. We cry out for someone to hear us and sometimes we are answered. Our symbologies intertwine and we find ourselves incorporating exquisite symbols found in the dreams of others into our own dreams. These coincidences may be of special significance, especially if the images in our cloudy sleeping minds are placed there by a common dream-making Holy Ghost.

The preceeding is an actual dream included in my dream journal, and does not describe actual facts

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