Dream of: 11 October 1989 "So Smooth"

While I was at a man's house, I looked through an overhead section of a closet, and found two fairly large cellophane bags of marijuana hidden under some clothes in one corner. I decided to steal the marijuana, quickly put it down my pants and left. Since some other people were also in the house, I figured the man who lived in the house wouldn't know who had taken the marijuana.


I was in the Gallia County Farmhouse. It seemed my mother was living there and a man who appeared to be her boyfriend was also living there with her. I was in a bedroom which was on the ground floor, where the living room was supposed to be. I remembered I had hidden the marijuana somewhere, but I couldn't remember where. I began looking for the pot; finally I looked out the window and noticed some tiny cellophane baggies of marijuana lying on the ground outside. It looked as if I had put the two large bags (which I had stolen) on the window sill and as if they had fallen outside, spilling out the smaller baggies. It also looked as if the bags had been run over with a lawnmower, probably by my mother.

I reached through the window and picked up about four of the little baggies, but then I dropped two of them down a hole near the window and I had to crawl outside to get them. Once I was outside I also retrieved some cigarette papers which were lying on the ground. I noticed I was smoking a non filter cigarette which I had smoked almost all the way to the end. The smoke was so smooth, I hadn't even realized I had been smoking it.

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