Dream of: 10 October 1989 (4) "Driving While Intoxicated"

I had been thinking about making some serious changes in my life. I felt trapped. I had been spending so much time practicing law, and I realized it was taking me nowhere. My practice of law didn't mean anything to me. I needed to be free so I could write my dreams and concentrate completely on being a writer. I considered quitting completely the practice of law so I could free up my energies to just concentrate on writing.


I was lying on a bed in a room which seemed somewhat like a jail and somewhat like a room in a college dormitory. Some other people also seemed to be in the room. It seemed as if I had been arrested for driving while intoxicated on alcohol, but it also seemed as if I were just studying here at this college.

I noticed Terence (a Dallas attorney) walk into the room wearing a pair of new cowboy boots which were red on one side and blue on the other. He walked by me and appeared to be going to the courthouse. I heard him talk to someone about doing a jail run. I had the feeling he would like to talk with me about some things. I was a little older than he and I could probably help him some. There weren't many people around like me with whom he could talk. Perhaps I should spend some time talking with him and helping him out.


I was in room on a college campus. I had moved things around in the room. I had a bed, a set of weights and a mirror. I could see myself in the mirror, and I appeared to just be beginning a fast. I looked pretty good in the mirror. I looked thin, and my neck especially looked strong. My hair was starting to get longer.

I had recently been convicted by judge Schwille of driving while intoxicated. I wasn't too concerned about that, because I wasn't going to be practicing law now, but studying at this college.

I looked out the window and saw some cars parked outside. I also saw three men with long hair and beards. I thought I would probably also let my hair grow long and have a beard. And I was going to work out with the weights here in the room. The rest of my life would be concentrated on studying and writing.


I was lying on the floor of the room when Turk (a Dallas attorney) walked in holding a piece of paper. I was going to tell him one of my dreams and he was going to write it down on the paper. I recalled having had two dreams. In one I had been arrested for driving while intoxicated. In the dream I had been at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. Turk sat down and began writing as I first began telling him the dream about being arrested for driving while intoxicated. Now he stood up and continued writing. Although I had my computer there on which I could write, I let him write, thinking I would copy the dream later on the computer.

I told him how in the dream I had driving down a road and had been arrested. But Turk didn't realize this was only a dream, and he thought the incident had been real. He stopped writing and told me I should be able to completely get out of it. If I were convicted, I should just have to pay a small fine. But I told him this had just been a dream. In the case in which I had actually been arrested for driving while intoxicated about a month ago, I had pled guilty and had received a $500 fine. He seemed to think that was too much, but I told him it had already been taken care of.

I now reiterated that what I was describing to him now was a dream. I told him I wrote many dreams, and that in fact I had about 2,000 pages worth of dreams on my computer. He didn't seem to know what to think about that.

I thought maybe it would help him hearing my dreams, because it seemed he might have a problem with drinking. I didn't mind telling people I had been arrested for driving while intoxicated now that it was over and I had put it into my past.

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