Dream of: 10 October 1989 "Succession Of Disasters"

I was telling someone about one of my dreams in which there had been a quick succession of disasters, one right after the other. It seemed as if there had been a fire, a flood and then some kind of creature which had been trying to get me. The person with me began telling me that all these different disasters meant something and that the dream was trying to signify something to me. But I just fell back to sleep and began dreaming again.

While I was dreaming, I began thinking about what the person had been saying, and that perhaps the dream had meant something. I especially thought about the creature which had been in the dream.

Up above me I heard a noise, like two thumps. It sounded as if someone must be upstairs. I thought that might also mean something and that perhaps I should wake up. Suddenly it occurred to me that the house in which I was living didn't have an upstairs. I realized I needed to wake up, because something was apparently going on in the house. Someone might be in the house. I begin moaning in an attempt to wake myself up.

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