Dream of: 08 October 1989 "Bad Ideas"

While Carolina and I were walking along talking, Cheryl (a classmate from high school) walked up beside us. I felt good about being with both Carolina and Cheryl; I felt open with both of them. I began talking with Cheryl, and the subject of fellows she used to date in high school came up. I thought she had had sex with a few of them. She didn't seem to want to talk about it, but I delved into it as if I were talking about matters in our past which no longer made any difference.

Cheryl began talking about women with whom I had had sex. She brought up Missi and Katherine, as if she were retaliating against me. I said, "I'll admit that I'm not proud of everything I've done."

When I thought of Katherine, she was the one woman with whom I had had sex who I wasn't proud of.

I would rather not talk about any of this in front of Carolina

Carolina and Cheryl began talking about having children. Apparently Carolina wanted to have a child, but she explained to Cheryl that I didn't. Carolina said she would probably have to wait about 10 years before she could have a child by me, and she went into some medical detail of what having a child with me would entail. Apparently Cheryl was a medical doctor and Carolina was planning to become a doctor. Carolina seemed quite intelligent and she seemed to know what she was talking about as she described the medical aspects of having a child.

Apparently Cheryl thought Carolina should have a child. I, however, didn't really want Carolina talking with Cheryl about the matter; referring to Cheryl, I said to Carolina, "Don't talk about that. She'll give you bad ideas."

Cheryl finally turned to leave, and Carolina and I continued on our way.

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