Dream of: 06 October 1989 "Invalidated Will"

While I was with my step-grandfather Clarence and my grandmother Mabel, I realized my father had gone to court concerning the issue of my grandmother's will. Apparently an old will which my grandmother had written had been invalidated, and my grandmother had now written a new will. Unaccountably though, during the court proceeding, my grandmother had been sentenced to four years of federal prison, and I had been sentenced to five years in federal prison.


I was in a prison to serve out my five years. My room had a large window which overlooked an area where some sunbathers were lying outside. Several attractive women with exposed breasts were among the sunbathers.

Concerned about my grandmother, I realized I needed to contact her. I walked into the next room where I found her and Clarence. They seemed confused, as if they didn't know what was happening. When I talked to my grandmother about her sentence, I realized the sentence was to be served without parole. I also realized my sentence was without parole, and that I would indeed be in prison for five long years. Nevertheless, I was more concerned about my grandmother than about myself. I told her she needed to hire a lawyer immediately and return to court. I thought she hadn't been present in court when she had been convicted, even though she had had the right to be in court. When I tried to decipher why she had been convicted, she said something which sounded as if the conviction had had something to do with a clerk at a racetrack; but her words were unclear to me. We didn't study all the details, but obviously I didn't know everything about the conviction, because I hadn't even known about the details which she had just related to me.

I wasn't even sure why I had been convicted.

I told my grandmother she needed to hire a good lawyer and return to court. My father had had a lawyer when he had been there, but she hadn't even had a lawyer. She didn't seem angry at my father, but she did seem dumbfounded by the whole matter. She didn't seem to realize exactly what she was facing. I was very concerned that she take care of this matter immediately.

But neither she nor Clarence seemed to know what to do about the matter.

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