Dream of: 02 October 1989 (2) "Trap Door"

I was lying on my back on some sand between two other people. Gradually I began to realize that some of the sand under me was actually cocaine, and that if I would reach under me with my hand, I could scrape some of it up and bring it around to my nose, where I could snort it. However I was unable to get as much of it as I wanted. But the fellow to my right seemed to have uncovered quite a vein of the tempting white powder, and I decided to partake of his pile.

The problem was that some other men showed up, apparently police officers, who wanted to arrest us for having the cocaine. I felt as if I had met at least one of the officers before and that they had been waiting for an opportunity like this to arrest me.

First the police took away the fellow on my left, leaving exposed an area of white powder about the size of my hand. I hesitated only an instant before dipping my hand into the powder and bringing it up to my nose. Although it was really too much to be trying to snort, I did so anyway, and a large amount of it went into my nostrils. I repeated the actions at least one more time.

But now I was beginning to worry about the police returning and arresting me. Suddenly I remembered that when I had been feeling under the sand beneath me, I had felt what appeared to be a board under the sand. I now also realized we were actually on a train, and that the floor of the train was under the sand. The train wasn't yet moving and it occurred to me that there might be a wooden, trap door beneath the sand, and that I might be able to escape. But I knew I would have to act quickly.

Groping around in the sand, I succeeded in finding the door. Quickly pulling it open, I first lowered my feet through it and then my entire body. Beside the train I could see a wooded area and I thought I could probably escape successfully in it. There was a good chance I would never be caught.

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