Dream of: 02 October 1989 "Corpse"

While I was in a house which seemed vaguely like the House in Patriot, a person arrived who seemed to want to question me or investigate something I had done. I knew this person presented a danger to me, but I thought I would be successful in evading the investigation. However, I quickly began to have doubts when I saw that the person had some papers which belonged to me, upon which were written some plausibly incriminating words. I was quite upset that the person had managed to obtain my personal papers, and I quickly snatched up some.

I was particularly worried about one paper which had the word "corpse" written on it. Although I knew I hadn't killed anyone, I did know that I had indeed had a corpse which I had handled in some fashion. I didn't want this person to know about that. I crumpled the paper in my hand, uncertain whether the person had seen me.

The person began questioning me, asking me about a "judgment teacher." I knew I had been involved with someone who had been referred to as a "judgment teacher," and I didn't want this person to find out about it. It seemed as if the person would conclude that there was something sinister about the "judgment teacher," although I myself wasn't entirely certain.

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