Dream of: 29 September 1989 "Foreclosure Sale"

I was speaking in person with O'Connor (a female Dallas attorney) about some land in Scioto County. I wasn't completely sure, but I thought I was the Trustee for the land, and that a client of O'Connor wanted to buy the land. It seemed that the price was about $50,000. I had a client with whom I had to talked about this, but I told O'Connor that I would agree to sell the land, and that I would recommend to my client that he accept the offer.


I was in the Scioto County Courthouse in Portsmouth. The land was going to be foreclosed on that day. Although I knew that the foreclosure sale was going to take place today, I hadn't notified O'Connor, because I had realized the land was worth much more than $50,000. I had a map of the county which showed where the land was. The area where the land was was colored orange. Actually there were many areas colored orange, and it appeared that half the county was colored orange. The areas didn't seem to have straight lines on their borders, but looked more like splotches of orange on the map.

Several men had shown up for the foreclosure sale. An auctioneer began the auction. It seemed that people would first bid for distinct area. But at the end, if a person had enough money, he could buy everything. I thought my father might have enough money to buy everything, and I called him on the telephone. I didn't tell him why I was calling. I simply told him to come immediately to the courthouse.

When I got back to the sale, a man began trying to argue with me about something. But when I told him I was a Trustee, he left me in peace.

The sale was taking part in two parts of the building. The sale was staking place in a large atrium, and the people kept moving from one side to the other. First a piece of land was sold on one side of the atrium, then a piece would be sold on the other side.

I finally saw my father. I walked up to him and explained what was happening. I showed him a map so he could see that it was a lot of land for little money. I told him it would also be necessary to pay cash for the land. I was uncertain he would have the money, but I thought he would, because he went to a telephone to call someone. I thought he had decided he would like to buy the land.

But I was still preoccupied because I hadn't notified O'Connor about the sale. I knew her client wanted to buy the land. She might cause me problems later.

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