Dream of: 24 September 1989 "Van Full Of Chimpanzees"

I had arrived at a large mansion which my father apparently had bought. I had brought several things here with me which I would like to store in the garage, which was connected to the house. At the moment another man was in the house, which he had apparently recently begun using for some kind of warehouse. The man still didn't not know if the business with which he was involved was going to succeed, and therefore he didn't want to destroy the house by converting it completely into a warehouse.

I walked into the garage, and although it appeared to have a gravel floor, I saw that it had a fireplace with a large slab of concrete in front of it. I commented about how pretty it was. I also noticed near the fireplace what appeared to be a gravestone on which someone had chiseled some words.

One thing I would like to store in this garage was a large desk which was worth about $150.

Finally I walked into the house and into a room which contained a bed. The room was very disorganized. I found some papers which were bankruptcy forms which I had left there once before. They were scattered about and I picked them up. Some forms had been filled out, and I saw one which had the name "Jo Alice" on it.

I began thinking I might be able to live part of the time there, either in the garage or in a room in the house. My father wasn't going to need the whole house. I knew I had some other places where I could live, but I thought I might also want to stay there. I would simply have to move in some furniture which I had.

I walked outside where I found a station wagon and a van. I wanted to take both vehicles in order to move my other things here. But I discovered that the van was full of about 50 chimpanzees seated in the back of the van. I got in the van, where there was a man who was apparently the trainer of the chimpanzees. He said something to the chimpanzees and they gave the finger.

Suddenly the van began moving, and I realized we were no longer on land, but on water, and that the other vehicle, which was now a boat, was pulling the van. I just didn't know what to think about what was happening. The van began going very fast, until it arrived at a small canal which appeared to be used for sewage. The boat pulled us along the canal. I was afraid the chimpanzees were going to fall in the water, and I wondered if anyone was going to try to save us. I thought perhaps a helicopter would appear and try to pull us.

Finally the boat in front reached a place where large poles were sticking up out of the water to prevent boats from passing. But the boat went right over them and so did the van. I thought that would probably cause the chimpanzees to fall out. Possibly they would die.

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