Dream of: 23 September 1989 (2) "Looming Danger"

I was a passenger in the front seat of a car being driven by my father. After we reached the U.S./ Mexican border, we passed by houses on farms on the shore of the Rio Grande. My father and I talked about how the police would like to enter some of the houses to see if drugs were inside. Almost everyone around the area was anti-drug. My father told me who lived in some houses, although I didn't know how he knew.

One house had large windows, apparently so anyone outside could see that nothing bad was taking place inside.

I told my father the farms around there would be worth a lot of money if someone were to buy them and sell them in lots. I knew many people would like to buy land there to import drugs. My father agreed.

We continued along until I was astonished to see what appeared to be a large round building carved out of the rock of a hill. The building appeared to have a dome at the top, and at first the building looked as if it might be a church. As we passed, I lost sight of the dome, and the building began to look more like a tall slender tower, perhaps 25 stories tall. I wondered if the building had elevators or only stairs. I noticed some writing on the building which indicated it was a federal building, probably a library, which had been abandoned. Obviously no one was inside now, but I wondered if someone could enter. Many intact green-colored widows were about half way up the building.

We continued along until I saw a hill which was much larger than any of the surrounding hills. I could see what appeared to be a new road which hadn't been completely finished on the hill. I thought I would like to drive up the hill, but my father wanted to continue driving in the other direction. I pleaded with him to drive to the tall hill, because I believed from there we would be able to see over the entire region.

Suddenly I looked in the other direction and saw three or four looming funnel clouds headed toward us. In another direction I saw two more funnel clouds, even closer. I pointed out the funnel clouds to my father and he saw them. After he stopped the car, we both climbed out and looked for some place to hide. We thought about hiding among some nearby large trees, when I saw a small abandoned building which had been built into the side of a hill. I thought we could go there. Since the building was small, I figured we probably wouldn't be in much danger if it caved in on us.

The funnel clouds approached, appearing ever stronger and more violent.

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