Dream of: 23 September 1989 "Deceptive Trade Practice"

Someone else and I had bought tickets for, and gone to, a play which was being held outdoors. At the play, the other person and I were sitting on a bed, which was on the porch of a house. Other people were also sitting near us. However, from where we were, I was unable to see the stage. I was also unable to hear well, although it appeared that earphones were available which I could use. Finally I stood up and said something like, "I can't fucking see it."

A murmur passed through the crowd as if the others also agreed that they were unable to see the stage. Finally I walked off in search of the stage and found it between two other houses. The stage was clearly impossible to see from where I had been sitting. I returned to the store where I had bought the ticket. I had bought the ticket from a person who, although I hadn't realized it at the time, had looked like Carolina. She wasn't there now; instead another woman was standing behind the counter. I spoke to the woman and explained to her what had happened. I told her I needed to speak with the girl who had sold me the ticket.

Suddenly I saw the girl outside who had sold me the tickets and I went to her. I told her I was unable to see the stage from the place for which she had sold me the tickets. I told her I wanted her to return my money, the fourteen dollars which I had spent for the ticket. She absolutely refused to return the money. I told her I was going to sue her; but she paid no attention to me.

So I walked back inside the store and told the woman there that the girl outside refused to return my money and that I was going to sue them. I used the word "misrepresentation" several times, because I distinctly recalled that the girl who had sold me the ticket had told me that I would be able to see the play. I began thinking how I would go about suing them; I would to use the Deceptive Trade Practices Act. I would be able to sue the girl in her individual capacity. I would first have to send her a letter notifying her that she must pay me. After that, I would have to wait 30 days before I could sue her. I figured this would be a good law suit for me. I had little to lose, and might be able to win attorney's fees. I would charge $100 an hour for that. I could testify that I charged $100 per hour when I did bankruptcy cases. I began thinking over my strategy in the lawsuit.

I also noticed another woman in the store; she appeared to be having the same problem as me. I wondered if she would also like to sue. I approached her and began explaining what had happened to me. I told her I didn't want to return the tickets because the play had been bad, because in fact I didn't know whether the play had been bad. I simply wanted to return the tickets because I hadn't been able to see the play.

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