Dream of: 21 September 1989 "Saving Dreams"

While I was living with my father and my mother, my father and I fell into a fight. Afterwards I had to leave the house permanently. I only took my portable computer, the large computer disks which contained my dreams, and the cassettes on which I had recorded my dreams.


I was on the top bunk of a flimsy bunk bed. I had put the computer, the computer disks, and the cassettes on the bottom bunk. The bunk bed was in the middle of a creek, which mostly reminded me of Symmes Creek. I realized the water in the creek was rising, and when I looked on the bottom bunk, I saw the water had already covered the computer, the disks and the cassettes. I reached down through the water until I found the computer. I pulled it out, uncertain whether it had been ruined by the water. I put it on the top bunk. I then tried to locate the computer disks and the cassettes. I found some, but not all. I thought some had already fallen into the creek. I also realized I had some dreams written on paper on the bottom bunk, and that those had been ruined.

The water began to rush past quite fast. I had thought it was going to stop, but it was rising faster and faster, and the current was growing stronger. Suddenly I realized the bunk bed was beginning to move.

I finally realized I was in a room, and that the creek was flowing right through the room. Several other pieces of furniture were in the room. When the bed began to move, I was afraid I would fall off and lose the computer. I stuck about three of the cassettes in each back pocket, and with the computer I moved from the bed to one of the other pieces of furniture. As soon as I did, the bed was washed away.

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