Dream of: 19 September 1989 "Observation"

While I was on a country road, I came upon an alarming auto accident. It appeared that two cars were involved. A black car was on the side of the road, while another car appeared to have been completely destroyed. Only pieces of the car remained scattered about.

I looked over the scene trying to determine exactly what had happened. When I saw that no one was inside the black car, I walked over and sat down in it. Another man then also sat down in the car. Gradually I realized the car was beginning to move, and I saw that it was being pulled by a bulldozer. I was uncertain what was happening, but I thought it would have been better for the car to remain where it was until the police arrived.

The bulldozer pulled down another small car, and deposited the car on top of a small knoll. As I slipped out of the car, I began thinking that the man driving the bulldozer was the father of the man who had been driving the black car. I thought he was trying to hide the evidence. I first thought about confronting him, but since I still hadn't seen his face, I hid myself in some bushes. I thought to myself, "Sometimes you can gain more by observation than by confrontation."

As he passed me driving the large bulldozer, I could see him. He was almost bald, and in his mouth was a brown wooden smoking pipe. I immediately knew he wasn't a good man. I thought that anyone who smoked a pipe had something wrong with him.

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