Dream of: 16 September 1989 "Offenbach"

I was going to begin taking classes in a university similar to The Ohio State University. I went to a bookstore on campus to buy some tablets of paper. I went from a small room in the bookstore to a larger room, which didn't have much in it. But finally I did see some spiral notebooks. It was necessary to buy four together. Next to the notebooks were three or four metal cans with straws. It appeared they were for holding drinks when one was in class. I also saw a small pump for putting liquids into the cans.

I decided I didn't need the cans. And I kept searching for a single tablet, since I didn't want to buy four of them. The four together cost $3.29. I thought a single tablet should only cost 59 cents or maybe 75 cents. Finally I found one and grabbed it.

I headed to the front of the store. There was a counter there where anyone entering the store was supposed to leave any packages they had. I saw a man (about 70 years old) walk up. He told the person behind the counter that he had left a cassette at the counter. But I thought he was lying, and that the cassette had been left by a woman. The man behind the counter pulled out the cassette and said he was going to play it. But first he put it an oven to heat it up. I thought it would melt, but it didn't. The man behind the counter pulled it out of the oven and put it in a cassette player.

Music began coming from the cassette player. I had the feeling it was by the composer Offenbach. Since the music on the tape was the same as the old man had said it would be, the man behind the counter gave the tape to the old man. The old man then left.

Another person walked up carrying some small plastic toys of men and horses.


I sat down, waiting to leave, and noticed my reflection in a mirror. In the mirror I was a black-haired woman (perhaps 20 years old). I was naked with a white sheet wrapped around me. My butt was completely exposed, and I tried to cover it. I realized the people were trying to see me. Since I was a woman, I thought I needed to cover myself better. I realized it was more difficult for a woman than a man to be in public.

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