Dream of: 15 September 1989 "Leopard In A Cage"

A woman and I were together on a beach. We had just finished killing a brown leopard with black spots. We still had another leopard which was very gentle, and which I began petting. It was about a meter and a half long.

The leopard gently took my hand in its mouth. But then it began to apply more and more pressure on my hand until it was biting hard on my hand. I had to struggle to free my hand. This was exactly the kind of thing the other leopard had been doing before we had to kill it.

I found a small, round box into which I was somehow able to put the leopard. After I picked up the box in both hands, the woman and I began walking along the beach until we came to a cage. My father was standing in front of the cage. I told him what had had happened with the leopard. He said we should put the box in front of the cage. I did so. Suddenly the leopard jumped out of the box. I thought it was going to attack me. My father said I needed to direct the leopard into the cage. I was able to direct it into the cage.

It looked as if the leopard were going to come back out of the cage. But my father picked up an electric baton. He touched the leopard with the baton and gave it an electric shock. My father then got ready to defend us with the baton.

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