Dream of: 14 September 1989 "My Friend Xamadi"

I was living in the attic of a house where a family (which included my father) lived. Nobody knew I had taken up residence in the attic, and sometimes I would sally out of the attic to pester the people in the house. Finally, when a Chinese man living in the house realized I was in the attic, he came up to the attic and challenged me to a karate fight.

I had many books in the attic which I hadn't read   some were translated from Chinese. One book was titled My Friend Xamadi. It was an important book  I wished I had read it. Someday I would have read many Chinese books they would expand my mind.

At the moment, however, I had to fight the Chinaman. We began wrestling he wasn't as strong as I had thought, and I began winning the fight. Just as I was able to pin down the Chinaman, my father showed up. My father seemed angry with me I hoped I wouldn't also have to fight with him.

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